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Professional Development

The Register defines Continuous Professional Development (CPD) as any professional learning activity, formal or informal reflective self-development activity, or involvement in the Deaf community, which directly contributes to a registrant’s professional development as an interpreter.

The Register will provide CPD and training in collaboration with stakeholder organisations and the Deaf community.

CPD can be gained through various ways:

  • Structured CPD is a professional development designed to achieve a particular learning outcome (i.e. workshops, seminars, conferences)
  • Unstructured CPD is a professional development that is not specifically designed or planned to achieve learning outcomes (i.e. reading, shadowing and informal meetings)
  • Deaf Community Engagement (DCE) is defined as attendance at Deaf community events and activities to maintain and improve Irish Sign Language receptive and productive skills and broadening knowledge and familiarity with Irish Deaf culture, history and politics (i.e. social events, fundraising events, trips)

Registrants are required to complete a minimum number of hours for each CPD Cycle (12-month period from the date of registration).

Practice breaks or an accommodation can be requested in special circumstances, details of which are outlined in the CPD and Mentoring Policy.

Interpreters should maintain detailed records of CPD hours carried out.  If selected for audit, interpreters will be required to submit CPD records to the Secretariat ( for review.

RISLI maintains an Events Calendar and CPD resource Library to support interpreters to maintain and develop skills and knowledge to stay on the Register.