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About Registration


What does it mean to become a registered Irish Sign Language interpreter within RISLI?

When you become a registered Irish Sign Language interpreter with RISLI, service users will be able to check the register to confirm you are a qualified Irish Sign Language interpreter.

If I miss the application deadline on 15th December 2020, what should I do?  

You can still apply, but your application will not be processed until January 2021. 

What documents are required for registration?  

  • Photograph: This is for your RISLI Membership Card & RISLI website  
  • Form of Identification: Acceptable forms of photo ID include a copy of your passport, driver’s license or public services card
  • Proof of your Qualification or Accreditation: For example, copy of your certification/accreditation, copy of your accreditation membership card or exam transcripts

Do I need to renew my membership?

Membership of the Register is continuous, and automatically renewed dependent on compliance with requirements. Details of requirements are set out under Staying on the Register.


About CPD


What happens if I don’t complete the CPD cycle?

Please contact the Secretariat for further assistance.

What happens if I don’t achieve the work practice requirements?

Please contact the Secretariat for further assistance.

Does Continuous Professional Development/training I do abroad/online count?  

All CPD can be counted as long as you can demonstrate how it contributes to your professional development.  

Why are Deaf ISL interpreters not required to have specific hours in Deaf Community engagement? 

This is due to the fact that Deaf interpreters, arising from their role and skill set, can be assumed to already be culturally Deaf, with pre-existing fluency in ISL and deep and intimate knowledge of the Deaf community.  

Can I count the CPD I did before I was registered as part of my CPD hours? 

Only CPD completed from the date of registration can be counted towards your CPD requirements.

If an interpreter’s CPD/work practiced requirements is checked/audited one year, does that mean they will not be audited/checked the following year? 

Interpreters can be audited two or more years in a row.  


About Registration Panel


Can a registered interpreter be on the Registration Panel? 

One place on the Registration Panel is dedicated to representing registered interpreters.  There is currently a representative. There is a procedure to deal with any conflicts of interest.  

Can CDS representative become a member of the Register Panel?  

Yes. There is a procedure to deal with any conflicts of interest.  

Are Registration Panel Members bound to a 3 year term of office 

No, once appointed Registration Panel Member can leave the panel whenever they chose.  It is envisaged that a member of the Panel will stay on the panel for a term of three years from the time of their appointment 


About Complaints & Mediation


How many will be on the Complaints sub-committee and will they be a fixed group for a fixed time or will it change? How are they selected? 

There are three people on the Complaints sub-committee. The committee will be created when a complaint is received. The Registration Panel will create the committee, either from panel members or from people outside the panel. Complaint sub-committee members cannot have any conflict of interest in relation to the complaint.

Can I made an anonymous complaint? 

Anonymous complaints will not be considered, except for limited circumstances.  

Can an interpreter make a complaint against a client when poor working conditions are provided? 

No, complaints can only be made about registered interpreters.  

Can you file a complaint against an ISL Interpreter who is employed under another organisation/institution? 

Yes, as long as the interpreter is on the register.  

What happens to the ISL Interpreter who is suspended/removed from RISLI and is currently an employee of a public body? 

If the interpreter is not registered, a court or public body will not be in a position to engage your services. See the Irish Sign Language Act 2017 for more information.  

Can you send a complaint via video in ISL?  


If I want to make a complaint about an interpreter organised by SLIS, do I complain to SLIS or the Register? 

This up to you. If the interpreter is on the register you can submit a complaint to RISLI. If you wish, you can also submit a complaint to SLIS that is fine. SLIS and RISLI have separate complaints processes.  

About Mentoring


Is Mentoring compulsory?

No, mentoring is not compulsory however, RISLI highly recommends engaging with Mentors for support and guidance during your professional career.

What do I need to do if I want to train as a Mentor?

Please contact the Secretariat for further information about the Mentoring Training.